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Transforming Durian Farming: Fertigation for Consistent Yields and Labour Saving

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Modernizing Durian Farming to Maximize Efficiency and Yield


Project Details:

Client : Top Fruits

Place : Johor

Crop : Durian

Size : 200 acres

Services :

  • Smart farming system

  • Fertigation system with complete water uniformity


Project Summary:

Top Fruits, an export-oriented company, wants modernize their durian farm by achieving more consistent yields and higher-quality fruits, while simultaneously reducing labor and water consumption.

In light of the steep and challenging terrain, we conducted a thorough survey and designed an irrigation system that ensures uniform water distribution to every individual tree.

To further revolutionize the farming process, we implemented an advanced fertigation system that enables precise delivery of water and nutrients directly to each durian tree, eliminating the need for traditional manual fertilization.

The farm manager is provided with full control to adjust the nutrient composition, water amount and duration, and the timing of the irrigation, based on the specific requirements of the trees.

With our comprehensive modernization efforts, Top Fruits is poised to achieve remarkable advancements in durian farming, enhancing productivity, fruit quality, and sustainability while optimizing resource usage.


Case Study:




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