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Enhancing Chrysanthemum Quality with Customized Fertilizer Dosing

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Bringing Digital Farming to the Undulating Hills of Cameron

Cameron Highlands, Pahang


Project Details:

Place : Cameron Highlands

Crop : Chrysanthemum

Services :

  • Precision nutrient dosing system

  • Remote farm monitoring

  • Automatic valve control


Project Summary:

Chrysanthemum is a high value crop, particularly as it is primarily exported to the quality-conscious Japanese market.

Recognizing the sensitivity of this crop, our fertilizer dosing system is specifically designed to deliver exceptional accuracy in EC and pH control, while offering flexibility to accommodate a wide range of flow rates.

Through the implementation of our highly customized system, featuring two units of the advanced NETAJET 4G, we ensure precise and homogeneous nutrient dosing.

This approach enables our client to meet the stringent quality demands of the Japanese market, ensuring consistently superior cut flowers.



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