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Assessing Viability of Drip Irrigation for Oil Palms

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A Successful Sub-soil Drip Irrigation Implementation in Perak


Project Details:

Place : Gopeng, Perak

Crop : Oil palm

Size : 25 Hectares

Project services :

  • Fertigation dosing system

  • Sub-soil dripperlines


Project Summary:

Our client wants to evaluate the feasibility of drip irrigation for oil palms, specifically targeting a lower-yielding sandy soil areas.

To ensure optimal performance, sub-soil drip irrigation was implemented, safeguarding the dripperlines from potential damage caused by grazing cows and farm machinery.

Surface water from a pond was utilized, supported by automatic media filters with an automatic backwash function, guaranteeing hassle-free operation.

For fertigation, the FertiOne dosing system facilitated the precise application of water-soluble fertilizers.

Encouraged by the positive results, the client now plans to expand drip irrigation to other sections of the plantation, further optimizing their oil palm cultivation.



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