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IoT for Agriculture

Fully end-to-end encrypted monitoring ecosystem

Using sensors, data analytics, and connectivity to monitor and manage various aspects of farming operations.


IoT in agriculture can improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability by providing real-time data on soil conditions, weather, and crop health.

Aranet: a wireless sensor network

Our IoT solution offers a reliable monitoring solution leveraging Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, which ensures long-range wireless connectivity and extended battery life. The system boasts robust security through Aranet's proprietary communication protocol, allowing for the development of monitoring solutions that operate completely off the grid. Additionally, Aranet's user-friendly approach offers the advantage of plug-and-play installation, minimizing costs and eliminating the need for drilling, with sensor pairing accomplished in just minutes.

Aranet Wireless Ecosystem

Key components of our wireless IoT ecosystem:

  • Wireless sensors monitoring different industry-specific parameters

  • Aranet PRO base stations collecting and storing data from wireless sensors

  • Aranet Cloud providing centralized access and management of all Aranet sensor data

Aranet wireless range

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