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Precision Fertilizer Dosing System for 30-Acre Highland Greenhouse Farm with Diverse Crops

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Overcoming Challenging Terrain to Deliver Real-time Precision Farm Control


Project Details:

Place : Cameron Highlands

Crop : Tomato, capsicum, chrysanthemum, lettuce

Size : 30 acres

Services :

  • Precision nutrient dosing system

  • Remote farm monitoring

  • Automatic valve control


Project Summary:

Designing a fertigation system for a challenging terrain with varying greenhouse sizes and crops at different growth stages is no small feat.

However, we have risen to the occasion, implementing two units of the industry-leading NETAJET 4G and one unit of the advanced FERTIKIT 3G dosing systems.

These state-of-the-art solutions ensure precise and uniform nutrient dosing across all sections of the farm, accommodating the diverse greenhouse crops.

With the aid of our cloud-based NMC Air software, the farm manager gains remote, real-time control and monitoring capabilities over the entire operation.



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