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About Us

Auasia Agrotech was founded in 2005 and has grown steadily throughout the years, from offering our products and services to clients in Malaysia to working with partners in regional countries. We endeavor to continue growing and to keep increasing the depth and breadth of our offerings.

To ensure that only the best products are offered to our clients, we conduct field testing on all our products in our own R&D farm which is also where we develop and improve on our planting techniques before implementing them in our commercial farm.

At Auasia Agrotech, we take pride in the quality and the range of our plant nutrition products. Sourced from the best producers around the world, our wide range of products can cater the needs of most growers.

Auasia Agrotech values long-term relationships with our clients. We strive to give clients the best value for their investments by providing quality products combined with first-rate service.

In 2011 we established our commercial farming division Auasia Nutriculture that uses the "precise nutrition farming" method of modern intensive farming that utilizes careful control of irrigation and nutrition to maximize yields and to prolong the harvesting period. Our farm has obtained MyGAP (Malaysian Good Agriculture Practices) certification by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry.





在2011年我们增设的商业种植事物部-歐亞养液种植是使用现代密集精耕农场的“精确营养种植法”来经营商业农场,以精细控制的灌溉和营养供给使作物有更高的优质产量和更长的收获期。歐亞养液种植也获得马来西亚农业部和农基工业部所颁发的良好农业规范证书 (MyGAP)。

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