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Irrigation & Fertigation

Delivering the exact amount of water and nutrients

Through the precise application of water and nutrients to the plant at the right time, in measured doses and delivered directly to the root, we can help you optimise growth and yield to enhance cost efficiency and maximise ROI of your farm.

Suitable for All Farm Types

Irrigation for field crops and vegetables

Field Crops and Vegetables

Row crops like brinjal, chili, cucumbers, and watermelon significantly benefit from precision fertigation.

Our systems ensure that each plant receives precisely the right amount of water and nutrients throughout its growth cycle.This meticulous approach ensures optimal crop yield and maximizes your profits by providing exactly what your plants need, no more, no less.


Orchards and
Oil Palm Plantations

Fruit farming, including crops like durian, and oil palm plantations require significant labor and resources.


Our precision irrigation systems are designed to target the root rather than the soil, optimizing water, fertilizer, and labor usage. This approach not only conserves resources but also promotes higher, more consistent yields.

Fertigation for greenhouse


Greenhouse farming benefits immensely from the controlled environment provided by precision irrigation systems, enabling the cultivation of fresh produce throughout the year.

With our technology, you can automate the precise delivery of water and nutrients needed by your plants and continuously monitor their growth for optimal results.

Find the Right Irrigation and
Fertigation Dosing System and
Controllers for your Farm 

Dosing Systems

Our advanced dosing systems are suitable for open-field and greenhouse applications. It is integrated with a smart monitoring and control system to optimise water, fertilizer and energy usage to the highest degree of accuracy.

Growsphere with Netajet 4G

Applicable for all farm types and sizes

Provide perfect

EC and pH control

Wide range of pressure compatibility

Manual or automated operation flexibility

Better water, fertilizer and energy efficiency

GrowSphere Controllers


Our range of controllers allow you to automate the control and regulation of your pumps, valves, and other hydraulic components in your drip or sprinkler system - remotely from anywhere. Our industry-leading controllers are suitable for open-fields, orchards and greenhouses, and deliver excellent crop performance and resource efficiency.

User-friendly interface

Cellular or Ethernet integration capability

Connects up to 250 irrigation valves

Manages up to 50 networked controllers

Covers a wide range of climate conditions

Precision Irrigation and Fertigation Solutions
Tailor Made For Your

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Whatever your farm needs,

We are at your service

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