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Customized Fertigation Solutions for 70 Acres of Durian Orchards

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Enhanced Durian Production with Tailored Irrigation System


Project Details:

Place : Negeri Sembilan

Crop : Durian Size : 70 acres

System :

  • Proportional dosing for fertigation

  • Pressure-compensated sprinklers

  • Inline dripperlines


Project Summary:

Our client has five durian orchards spanning a total of 70 acres, each presenting unique characteristics such as varying water source sizes, tree ages, terrain, and soil profiles.

To cater to these diverse needs, we customized designs for each of the five orchards. In orchards with abundant water sources, we implemented SuperNet sprinklers to achieve wide water coverage.These pressure-compensated sprinklers ensure uniformity, which is vital for effective fertigation.

For an orchard with limited water availability, we recommended drip irrigation as an optimal solution. This approach guarantees uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the orchard, promoting healthy growth and maximizing productivity.



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