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Greenhouse Projects

Growing Crops in a
Protected Environment

Our greenhouse expertise combines innovative know-how with advanced technology from our global partners to deliver comprehensive turnkey greenhouse projects.

Our Greenhouse Solutions

We offer customised solutions for all types of commercial greenhouse projects. Whether you're growing vegetables or flowers, we'll help you select the ideal greenhouse system to maximize your return on investment.

Turnkey Projects


Greenhouses are ideal for nursery cultivation and the commercial production of vegetables and flowers across diverse climactic conditions.


We provide end-to-end engineering, construction and project management services for greenhouse turnkey projects.


We’ll help you design the best and most cost-effective system and structures to suit your crop, climate and terrain.

Greenhouse Structures


Our innovative polyethylene (PE) greenhouses are robust and durable structures designed to withstand high winds and heavy crop loads.

We offer a  comprehensive array of polyethylene greenhouse structures, tailored to meet the specific demands of your crops.

 Quick to install, our greenhouses range in sizes to cover areas from 0.2Ha right up to 30ha, accomodating to various farm scales.

Netafim Growing Systems


We supply all the essential components of a highly productive greenhouse, including water storage tanks, filtration systems, controllers, dosing systems, and more.

No matter the size of your farm or the scale of your investment, we customize our systems to meet the specific demands of your crops and help you achieve your agronomic goals.

How It Works

Greenhouse ventilation


Structures specially designed to make full use of natural ventilation

Double-entrance doors


Double-entrance doors keep insects out of the protected environment

Greenhouse roof vents


Choose between fixed or movable roof vents, single or double roof vents

Shading screens


Automatic shading screen decreases heat accumulation and provides shade in the greenhouses

Roll-up side curtains


Roll-up side curtains provide extra ventilation for tropical climate

Diffused greenhouse films


Diffused greenhouse films give broader and more equal light dispersion, reducing stress on the plants

Ventilation fans


Electric fan and heater combined with a propagator and a thermostat provide ambient temperature control

Dosing systems and controllers


Dosing systems and controllers provide growers with precision irrigation and fertigation control

of Greenhouse Farming


Extending the growing season so that crops can grow


Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 12.46.34 AM.png

Increases performance and yield per square meter


Optimises the use of resources such as water and fertilizer


Delivers reliable results to ensure consistent availability of crops


Provides protection against adverse weather

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A cleaner and safer way to grow crops with less pesticides


Plants grow strong, healthy and productive

Whatever your farm needs,

We are at your service

Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for your plants and your business.

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