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Bioenergy Water-Soluble Fertilizer

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As an advanced biotechnology product, this water-soluble macronutrient fertilizer is specially added with natural beneficial active substances and a variety of complex biological enzymes to provide the synergistic functions of “nutrition, conditioning, and resistance”. This product is a bioenergy water-soluble fertilizer containing both organic and inorganic nutrients.

Product Features:

1. Neutralize soil pH and improve soil
Effective in neutralizing soil pH in acidic soil and in alkali soil. Enhances activity of beneficial soil organisms, improves crop’s stress resistance, and promote healthy growth.

2. Protect and nourish roots for efficient absorption

Contains refined fulvic acid and polymeric amino acids acting in synergy. Activates soil, protect roots, promote root absorption and improve fertilizer utilization efficiency.


To promote root growth, flower bud differentiation, more robust growth, and high flowering rate.


For nutrient supplementation during vegetative growth and after-harvest, provides balanced,

comprehensive nutrition for crops.


For the supplement of potassium in the mid and late growth stages of fruit trees and vegetables

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*The effects of the above products can vary due to different crops and environment, therefore it is advisable to test this product on a small plot with a lower dosage.


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