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Some selected projects that we have commissioned

Durian Fertigation Project - Johor

Irrigation system with fertigation capability for a durian plantation with both matured durian trees and newly transplanted seedlings. Designed to provide uniform irrigation for every tree or seedling no matter the elevation or distance from the water source.

Oil Palm Fertigation Project - Perak

Full fertigation on matured oil palm. Soluble fertilizers injected using the FertiOne fertigation doser and delivered to the field using dripperlines buried sub-soil. Equipped with automatic media filter to for maintenance-free filtration of pond water.

Precision Fertigation System for Tomato - Cameron Highlands

Highly precise fertigation with FERTIKIT 3G automated dosing system, providing  full control over the entire plant nutrition program. Cloud-based software for real-time access via web or mobile device, so that the farm owner or his manager can monitor and control the fertigation program even when not in the farm.

Fertigation System for Cash Crops - Sarawak

Open-field soilless cultivated cash crops grown in rotation, using proportional dosers for accurate nutrient control and PCJ online drippers to ensure uniform fertigation to each and every plant. Crops are grown using our imported cocopeat planting media and nourished with our A-B fertigation fertilizers.

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