Thin-wall dripline for row crops

Non-pressure compensating thinwall dripline with flap outlet protection which deters soil ingestion and root intrusion. For seasonal row crop irrigation with low filtration requirement.

Application: Melons, leafy vegetables, cucumber, long bean, etc.

Flow rate : 1.6L/h

Wall thickness : 0.2mm

Emitter spacing : 20cm

Packing : Coil length 2200m



Flexible reinforced polyethylene pipe and fittings

Light, flexible piping solution for simple and fast installation. Easy coiling and transport from one location to another. Complete range of fittings and connectors for dripperlines and laterals.

Application: For all drip irrigation or sprinkler systems.


Available diameters : 2”, 3” and 4”


Balanced sprinkler with two equal water jets

Two equal water jets to assure perfectly balanced performance to prevent wobbling. Closed and compact structure to prevent insect penetration into the nozzle.

Application: Open-field nurseries, vegetables and open-field crops. Cooling fruit orchards. Under tree irrigation.


Flow rates : 200, 250, 350, 450, 550, 650, 750 L/h.
Trajectory : High 24 degrees, or Low 15 degrees.
Packing : 1 unit



Electric control valves with pressure regulator

Hydraulic 3-way control valves. Built-in pressure regulator with adjustable dial 0.7 ~ 4.5 bar. Very wide pressure & flow range. Available in AC or DC.

Application: All agriculture and landscape. Industry water supply system.


Sizes :   ¾” & 1” globe models

(flow: 0.025 ~ 7.0 m3/h)
1.5” & 2” globe & angle models     

(flow: 0.1 ~ 34.0 m3/h)
Packing : 1 unit



State-of-the-art control valves


Designed to withstand most demanding requirements of water control. Capability to regulate near zero flow while ensuring very low head loss in “fully open” position.

Products: Pressure reducing valves, pressure sustaining valves, automatic control valves.

Application: Agriculture and landscape, waterworks distribution, industry, mining, etc.


Available in many sizes
Packing : 1 unit



Full range of high performance manual filters

Manufactured with the highest quality components for dependability and long life. Unique design for low pressure loss. Full range of sizes available to meet specific flow range and filtration requirements.

Application: Agriculture irrigation


Full range of sizes available.
Packing size : 1 unit


Water-driven proportional injectors

Ensures precise additive injection directly into the water or fluid line under various flow rates, feed ratios and different ranges of pressure. Extremely durable, manufactured from composite materials to withstand chemicals and acids.

Application: Fertigation, water treatment, pH control, disinfection & cleaning of pipelines, etc.


Full range of sizes available.
Packing size : 1 unit


Heavy-wall pressure compensating dripline

Long-lasting pressure compensating dripline that delivers precise and equal water applications anywhere in the field even in undulating terrain and large fields with long rows.

30cm emitter spacing : Melons, leafy vegetables, bitter gourds, brinjals, chilli, lady fingers, cucumber, long beans, etc.
50cm emitter spacing : Papaya, banana



Flow rate: 1.6L/h

Wall thickness : 1.0mm

Packing : Coil length 500m


Pressure compensating non-leakage on-line compact dripper

On-line drippers with pressure compensating and non-leakage features to deliver uniform flow rate even in areas with difficult topographical conditions.

Application: Greenhouse or soilless cultivated crops such as tomato, chrysanthemum, capsicum, etc.

Flow rates: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 L/h
Packing : 1000/bag


Super-fine static mister for cooling and humidifying

Bridgeless design that eliminates dripping. Produces finer droplets allowing quicker evaporation resulting in higher humidity. Uniformly distributes an average drop size of 65 micron at a low pressure of 4.0 bar.

Application: For cooling and humidifying greenhouses and livestock, and for irrigating over rooting tables


Flow rates: 5.5, 7.5, 14.0 L/h
Packing : 100 units/bag (head only)



Durable valves for advanced air control

Combination of an Air-release valve and an Air/vacuum valve. The Air-release component automatically releases small pockets of air as they accumulate at local high points along a pipeline. The Air/vacuum component automatically discharges or admits large volumes of air during the filling or draining of a pipeline or piping system.

Application: Main irrigation networks, irrigation control heads, in-field system, landscape irrigation and pipelines


Sizes : 3/4", 1", 2"
Packing : 1 unit


Powerful management tools delivering real-time data


Operate, manage and maximizes the performance of irrigation systems. Reliable crop management solutions that include monitoring and control systems, dosing systems, data loggers, and crop management software.

Products : NMC-Pro, Singlenet, Radionet, Fertikit, Netajet, MiniAG, etc.



Fully automatic self-cleaning disc filters

Deep filtration technology. Made from high quality corrosion-free plastic components. Lightweight, compact design with simple and reliable operation.

Application: Surface water containing algae and other organic materials. Ground water containing light sand.


Full range of sizes available.
Packing size : 1 unit


Self-operated chemical injectors


Electricity-free injector system that operates by existing water pressure. Easy installation, operation and maintenance. Field-proven under all environmental conditions.

Application: Fertilizer and chemical injection in drip irrigation and sprinkler systems

Connection sizes : ¾” and  2”
Injection rate: 10 ~ 1800 L/h
Packing size : 1 unit



Heavy-wall pressure compensating non-leakage dripline


The most advanced pressure compensating dripline with very large filtration area. Its specially developed drippers operate with the poorest water quality, in the most difficult environments and irrigate the steepest terrains with the highest uniformity.

Application: Greenhouse or soilless cultivated crops such as tomato, chrysanthemum, capsicum, etc.


Flow rate: 2.0L/h

Wall thickness : 1.0mm

Emitter spacing : 50cm

Packing : Coil length 500m


Bridgeless overhead micro-sprinkler

Excellent uniformity distribution on a full coverage irrigation system. Drip-less operation so that plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler.

Application: Nurseries, greenhouses, net-houses


Flow rates : 70, 90, 120, 160, 200 L/h
Packing : 100/bag


DNL Valves

Non-leakage valves for dripperlines

Automatic end of irrigation shut-off valve. Prevents water backflow or drainage of the system into low areas. Ensures that water always remains in the main distribution line at the end of irrigation cycle.

Application: For greenhouses, nurseries and orchards, and in sloped irrigation


Available in 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 Bar shut-off pressure
Packing : 10 units/bag



Accurate regulators to ensure uniform pressure

Provide an instant response to variations in pressure ensuring that outlet pressure will remain constant regardless of inlet pressure.

Application: All agriculture and landscape


Output pressure : Wide range of selection from 0.6 ~ 4.5 bar
Packing : 1 unit



Gravel/sand filters for primary filtration

Primary filter for water from reservoirs, open canals, rivers, and other types of contaminated water. Effective for filtering algae, organic matter and recycled water. Suitable for backflushing

Application: Primary filtration


Full range of sizes available.
Packing size : 1 unit




Fully automatic self-cleaning screen filters

Automatic self-cleaning filters incorporating innovative screen/scanning technology. Focused back-flush technology ensures 100% cleaning of the screen in single cleaning cycle.

Application:  Secondary filtration or in-field filtration units.


Full range of sizes available.
Packing size : 1 unit


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