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Dedicated Soil Conditioner for Acid Soil

Product Features:

1. Relieve soil acidification and hardening
The alkaline nature of this product increases pH in the soil rhizosphere and improves the absorption of soil nutrients. This product also promotes the formation of soil aggregate structure and mitigates soil hardening.

2. Corrects nutrient deficiencies and improve stress resistance
This product is rich in mineral nutrients such as silicon, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It corrects and prevents nutrient deficiency symptoms and improves the plant’s
resistance to stress.

3. Improves the ecology of the rhizosphere and reduces soil-borne diseases


This product is specially added with SAF (source-bacteria activation technology) soil activator which synergizes with the increase of pH in the rhizosphere, quickly awakens the beneficial bacteria in dormant state, promotes rapid propagation, and promotes the transformation of soil from "fungal type" to "bacterial type". This product also improves soil micro-ecological environment, reduces the number of pathogens and root nematodes, and reduces the risks of continuous cropping.

4. Improves crop quality, increases yield
This product contains large amounts of mineral-source humic acid and fulvic acid to increase soil water retention and fertilizer retention capacity, increase soil buffer capacity, improve soil structure, promote the development of crop roots, increase crop yield and improve crop quality.



1. Recommended dosage: 250-500 kg/acre

2. Recommended usage:

Use as base fertilizer, apply in ​furrows or plough-in.
For fruit trees, broadcast under tree canopy.


1. This product should not be mixed with seeds. When applying, keep a distance between this product and the seeds.

2. This product cannot be directly mixed with diammonium, urea or ammonium bicarbonate.

3. This is an alkaline product used to improve acidic soil and supplement secondary and beneficial elements. It should be applied together with fertilizers with primary nutrients.

4. The product should be used quickly after the package is opened. The remainder should not be stored for a long time. The amount applied can be adjusted according to the crop.

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