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Introduction to Auasia Agrotech


Auasia Agrotech represents some of the best agriculture-technology providers in the world including:


Kingenta 金正大

Largest slow and controlled-release fertilizer producer in the world



Leader in trace elements fertilizers


Netafim 耐特菲姆

World leader in irrigation


Plastika Kritis

World leader in greenhouse films



Pioneer in plant nutrient specialties



Leader in cocopeat planting media


We started in 2005 with a small team focusing our marketing efforts in the major cash crop hubs of Cameron Highlands and Johor. In 2009 we started to venture into the oil palm plantation and the paddy rice sectors. As of January 2019, we have a total of fifty-seven employees including twelve from our sales teams and seven from our R&D department.
To cater for the different agriculture sectors, we now have two distinct sales teams each with a specific set of strengths to better serve their respective market. Our cash crop team specializes in a variety of high-value crops including tomato, watermelon, chrysanthemum, durian, papaya, vegetables and other cash crops. Our oil palm team focuses solely on the oil palm sector serving clients that includes listed plantation companies, GLCs, and multinationals.

于2005年, 我司开始成立时是一个小型团队, 将营销着重于高经济作物的地区如金马仑高原和柔佛等。由2009年起, 我们便开始涉及在油棕和水稻种植领域。直至 2019年1月, 我们共有57名员工, 其中包括我们的12名销售精英和 7名研发部人员。

为了迎合各种不同的农业领域, 我们现在有两个不同的销售团队, 每个团队都拥有最强实力的优势,提供最好的资讯和服务给各自的市场。我们的经济作物团队专门从事各种高价值作物, 包括番茄, 西瓜, 菊花, 榴莲, 木瓜, 蔬菜和其他经济作物。我们的油棕团队则专注于油棕种植, 其中客户包括上市种植园坵公司、半政府机构和跨国公司等。


We established our R&D department with a small team in 2012 to conduct trials of our imported plant nutrient specialties before introducing them to the Malaysian market. What has started as small plots of brinjals, cucumbers and melons at the small open-area behind our office has now become a 5-hectares integrated facility that combines our R&D and training center with a commercial farm that is fully managed by our R&D team, putting their technical knowledge into good use while gaining valuable farm management experiences.

Through the years our R&D team have matured into more complicated research activities that includes developing new planting techniques, assisting our overseas partners in improving their products, and testing new crop varieties for our own farm. As of now their efforts have yielded two international patents, seven industrial designs, and inventing a completely new way of growing zero-pesticides leafy vegetables in hot tropical climate.

我们在2012年成立了一个小型研发团队, 为我们进口的植物营养剂进行测试及评估, 然后才将其引入马来西亚市场。我们开始于我司厂房后面的小空地上种植茄子、辣椒和蜜瓜等。 如今,我司已设立了有面积5公顷设备齐全的商业农场兼研发区。我们进行各类的研发活动,同时也增设了培训部门。农场是由我们的研发团队管理,利用他们的技术知识加上国外专家的协助,从而获取宝贵的农场管理经验。

多年来, 我们的研发团队已经延伸到更复杂的研究活动如开发新的种植技术, 协助我们海外合作伙伴改良他们的产品, 并在我们自己的农场试种新的作物品种。现在, 他们付出的努力已经收获了两项国际专利、 七项工业设计, 并研发了一种能在热带气候中种植零农药叶类蔬菜的全新种植方法。

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