Introduction to   AUASIA AGROTECH

Auasia Agrotech represents some of the best agriculture-technology providers in the world including:


Largest slow and controlled-release fertilizer producer in the world


Leader in trace elements fertilizers


World leader in irrigation


World leader in greenhouse films


Pioneer in plant nutrient specialties


Leader in cocopeat planting media

We started in 2005 with a small team focusing our marketing efforts in the major cash crop hubs of Cameron Highlands and Johor. In 2009 we started to venture into the oil palm plantation and the paddy rice sectors. As of January 2019, we have a total of fifty-seven employees including twelve from our sales teams and seven from our R&D department.
To cater for the different agriculture sectors, we now have two distinct sales teams each with a specific set of strengths to better serve their respective market. Our cash crop team specializes in a variety of high-value crops including tomato, watermelon, chrysanthemum, durian, papaya, vegetables and other cash crops. Our oil palm team focuses solely on the oil palm sector serving clients that includes listed plantation companies, GLCs, and multinationals.

We established our R&D department with a small team in 2012 to conduct trials of our imported plant nutrient specialties before introducing them to the Malaysian market. What has started as small plots of brinjals, cucumbers and melons at the small open-area behind our office has now become a 5-hectares integrated facility that combines our R&D and training center with a commercial farm that is fully managed by our R&D team, putting their technical knowledge into good use while gaining valuable farm management experiences.

Through the years our R&D team have matured into more complicated research activities that includes developing new planting techniques, assisting our overseas partners in improving their products, and testing new crop varieties for our own farm. As of now their efforts have yielded two international patents, seven industrial designs, and inventing a completely new way of growing zero-pesticides leafy vegetables in hot tropical climate.

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